Ongoing Research Projects in Paediatric/Dentistry and Orthodontics

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Ongoing Projects

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Department Of Paediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics



Dr. K. Nduguyu

Current (MDS III)

Measured & predicted mesiodistal widths of permanent teeth in Kenyan adolescents

Prof. Ng’ang’a

Dr. Ngesa

Dr. E. Mutunga

Current (MDS III)


Dental caries & gingivitis by tooth type among 13-15year olds with varying severity of flourosis

Dr. Masiga

Dr. Kemoli

Dr. M. Mavindu

Current (MDS III)

Dental disease burden & treatment needs among adolescents aged 13-17 years with and those without dental flourosis in Kajiado North District

Prof. Opinya

Dr. Ngatia

Dr. Owino

Dr. F. Chepkwony

Current (MDS  I)

Mineral & Bacterial content of bottled water in Kenya

Prof. Opinya

Dr. Masiga



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