Mission, Vision, Core Values


To be a center of academic excellence through teaching, research, prevention and management of paediatric oral health and provide quality affordable service to the paediatric communities in Kenya, East Africa and the continent of Africa at large.


To attain and maintain a leadership in excellence in the pursuit of knowledge through teamwork, quality teaching, research, by the provision of quality relevant preventative programs, and quality comprehensive management of paediatric oral health diseases by utilizing efficiently and effectively all the resources available in the University of Nairobi and the private sector and the communities in Kenya and beyond.


The following values shall form a basis for articulating our vision and they shall be as follows:

1. To renew and implement academic programmes in compliance with set policy

    and Regulations.

2.  To offer efficient services to customers in compliance with the Department’s

     delivery charter.

3.  To increase and utilize resources in compliance with budgetary levels.

4.  To achieve Paediatric Dental capability and work readiness for all our


5.  To increase annual research output and research grant applications by at least


6.  To increase satisfaction index by 1% annually.

7.  To undertake at least one new partnership annually.