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Prof. G. Opinya

Completed PhD (1993)


Daily fluoride intake & toxicity in rural Kenyan children & adolescents (aged 0-17years)

Dr. D. Musera

Completed MDS (2003)

Dental caries gingivitis, oral health knowledge and practices among 10-12 year old urban & rural children in Kenya

Dr. A. Hussein

Completed MDS (2003)

Oral health status among children with & without cleft lip & palate seen in Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. L. Waweru

Completed MDS (2005)

Dental caries flourosis & periodontal disease among 12-15 yr old children from Juja in Rural Kenya

Dr. J. Ober

Completed MDS (2006)

Oral health status & utilization of oral health services by children with cerebral palsy in Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. M. Anver

Completed MDS (2007)

Oral health status & HIV related oral manifestations of children & adolescents living with HIV/AIDS aged 2-15 years in Nairobi & Mombasa

Dr. N. Njoroge

Completed MDS (2007)

Early childhood caries among 3-5 year olds and their caregivers’ Oral Health knowledge, attitude & practice in Kiambaa Division, Kenya

Dr. R. Owino

Completed MDS (2007)

Dental caries & gingivitis among 12 year old children in peri-urban Kitale, Trans-Nzoia District, Kenya

Dr. S. Kassami

Completed MDS (2009)

Oral health status of 3-12 year olds in relation to their mothers’ oral health in 3 hospitals in Nairobi Kenya

Dr. M. Muasya

Completed MDS (2009)

Malocclusion & traumatic dental injuries in relation to over-jet & lip posture in 12-15 year olds in Nairobi

Dr. N. Gichu

Completed MDS  (2009)

Influence of parental anxiety on children’s behavior during dental treatment in relation to the caries experience among 3-5 year olds in 3 public dental clinics in Nairobi

Dr. D.  Kemei

Completed MDS (2010)

Oral hygiene & dental caries among children with heart defects & caregivers’ oral healthcare knowledge, attitudes & practices

Dr. D. Rop

Completed MDS (2011)

Malocclusion & tooth/arch dimensions in the deciduous dentition of pre-school children in Nairobi

Dr. I. Opondo

Completed MDS (2011)

Effect of dental caries & malocclusion on the oral health related quality of life in 12-14 year old children in Viwandani slum Nairobi

Dr. J. Njama

Completed MDS (2011)

Caries experience, oral hygiene & nutritional status among 5-15 year old children with hearing disability in comparison to those without hearing-disability

Dr. D. Wasunna

Completed MDS (2012)

Nutritional status of children aged 3-5 years with & without severe early childhood caries in New Nyanza Provincial General Hospital, Kisumu Kenya